Raised $70,000 in 3 months

With 3 months to raise money and not much time to prepare, the Helps2 team drew up a fundraising strategy. This included biweekly video releases, social media advertising and weekly newsletters. At the end of the campaign we had raised over $70,000 in donations.

Website Creation & Online Donation Increase

We redesigned & modernized their website, which included recurring donation technology. This took Dorothy’s Place from not receiving any donations online to receiving over $500 in recurring donations every month (within a 5 month period).


With all hands on deck, we partnered with Dorothy’s Place and brought their marketing presence up to modern-day standards… both online and offline. Here’s the skills we used.

Fundraising & Campaign Management
Social Media Marketing
Years of Work
thousand dollars raised
Films Created


Since it’s founding back in 1982, Dorothy’s Place has always had a huge heart, but its place in the World Wide Web . . . not so huge. This shelter is not only a source of primary needs for those traumatized with the lack housing and nourishment, but is also a source of hospitality, safety, guidance, good health and happiness to an entire community of people – and since 2017 we at Helps2 work to bring that community a place online.


We began by creating for Dorothy’s Place a new website with an infrastructure oriented at collecting recurring donations digitally, then by expanding the reach of their social media presence with inspiration-oriented updates and biweekly videos. From their original logo we have expanded their brand identity, online as well as through traditional newsletters, and more recently we have given them a bigger voice via their own YouTube channel.

Within the first two months of working together, $18,000 was raised from online donations; their Facebook page currently boasts over 2,000 followers, which helped us end our relationship with them running a 3-month campaign raising over $70,000 in donations. We look forward to seeing how much bigger this digital heart can grow!