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CreativeAffirmations for Creatives
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Affirmations for Creatives

We all get discouraged sometimes; that’s just part of life… But it’s especially easy to feel discouraged when you’re in a creative field. With all the competition for audience’s attention and the small beginnings, we understand why creatives can feel down at times. That’s why we want to help.

There are quite a few rituals that can help with discouragement, but one of our favorites is daily affirmations. Whether you look yourself in the mirror and say them to yourself, or simply jot them down in a journal to be able to visibly see the truth, affirmations can leave you feeling uplifted and renewed.

 We want to share with you a few affirmations that come straight from our book, We Don’t Need Another Marketing Book, to help encourage you and remind you of how amazing you are.

1. Yes, you are a real artist

Whether you create full-time, or you’re in the beginning stages of creating, or you just make art as a hobby… Don’t let comparison and doubt try to make you feel invalidated. If you create anything at all, you are a real artist!

2. Yes, your art is worth paying for.

If anyone has tried to undersell you, or if you’ve undersold yourself, this is your reminder that your art IS worth paying for… And the right people WILL pay for it! It’s okay to turn down opportunities for creative work if someone is unwilling to pay a fair amount. Don’t forget your value!

3. It’s okay to take a break.

Burnout happens from time to time – it’s nothing to beat yourself up over. If you need a restart to help you be in a better place mentally with your craft, it’s okay to take a break! Putting your craft on pause doesn’t mean you no longer want to pursue it all together; it simply means that you love what you do enough that you want to make it sustainable for you.

4. This is a long-term journey.

You have not yet arrived! And if you’re waiting to arrive, you’re going to be waiting for the rest of your life. This journey that you’re on with your craft is exactly that, a journey. Be sure and enjoy it, every stage and every step of the way.

If you found these affirmations to be helpful, you should check out our book, We Don’t Need Another Marketing Book. It’s filled with helpful rituals and truths to help you stay on track in your creative pursuit. Get your copy now by clicking the button below!

We hope you feel a little extra encouraged today to keep pursuing what you love!

Until Next Time,

The Helps2 Team

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