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Just like our name suggests (Helps2), we're here to help you help others. Yes, we exist to embody the word "help" times two. Whether that's empowering you through our growth resources or helping you build a marketing strategy 1-on-1, our top priority is seeing you unleashed to help people in the way you're designed to do it. 

The Way We Work + -

Here at Helps2 our mission is to empower creatives, small businesses and organizations that are adding value to our world. We breathe change and have mastered the art of reaching people online. We don’t believe in helping just anyone; we desire to help those who are impacting our world and changing lives with a vision that is empowering others. If that’s you, we will walk with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals and influence the people you're called to reach. Real influencers are equipped with adequate resources, add value to their audience and change our world.

Creating Effective Solutions + -

Every vision is unique and deserves unique attention. We approach your mission and goals with care, as well as passion. We create strategies and tools to help you reach your goals, as well as the people you're called to reach.

Creating creative community + -

It's easy to walk alone when you have a creative vision or business idea that's destined to change the world around you. Though this is true, we know that it's even more powerful to walk in community. We desire to see creatives of all types connect with others like them so that they can get to where they're going faster and more prepared. To make this happen, we're creating tools and events to link creatives with their biggest supporters: other creatives like them. 

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"I personally use Helps2's advice in one way or another all the time and I’m confident that it is what has helped my band reach over 150,000 average monthly listeners on Spotify and establish a larger foothold online."

Evan Baker Musician, The Analog Affair

"I have had the pleasure of working with Helps2 for over a number of years. It is my belief that Helps2 holds itself to a high standard of excellence and deeply cares about its customers. I am honored to be a part of their customer base and will continue to seek their assistance, encouragement, and professionalism."

Jeanice Cummings Founder, UWin Working With Me

"One might think that having a quality website built would be easy as it's the age of tech. Sure you can try and fumble through building your own as I've tried before, but when it comes to marketing it correctly and having a professional touch that is where you need real expertise. We were impressed and thankful with Helps2. You just can't go wrong having Gabby and her team help you with any tech needs you may have."

Gerry Heldrich Co-Owner, Cat’s Eye KC Cattery

"Helps2 developed our website over 4 years ago and we couldn't be happier! After the successful launch of our website, we had them take over our social media, which really blossomed after that. They "get us" and what our school and students are about and they are able to post relevant and interesting content which is driving more traffic to our website. Recently they have taken over our SEM campaigns and we are equally impressed. The Helps2 team is responsive to our needs and can make updates, as well as changes, for us rapidly. I highly recommend them for your marketing needs."

Cathy Del Fante Director, Central Coast College

"When I first began working with Helps2, I was at a total loss to know how I wanted to proceed on getting my book done and my Life Coaching business up and running. I can't express my gratitude for all their help and encouragement. Without them my business would not exist. If you need help in all areas of your business then Helps2 is the company for you! Thank you to the Helps2 team from the bottom of my heart!"

Regina Williams Owner, Above the Wave Life Coaching


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