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Here at Helps2 our mission is to come alongside and empower creatives, small businesses and organizations who are adding value to our world. We breathe change and have mastered the art of reaching people online. We don’t believe in helping just anyone; we desire to help those who are impacting our world and changing lives with a vision that is empowering others. If that’s you, we will walk with you every step of the way to help you grow into an online influencer. Real influencers are equipped with adequate resources, add value to their audience and change our world.
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We’re not just a company, we’re a close-knit team on a journey. You can watch more episodes of us behind the scenes on our YouTube channel.


We’re creative, experienced and fun to work with. And our biggest passion is helping YOU.

Individual Approach

Every client is unique and deserves unique attention. We approach your mission and goals with care, as well as passion.

Modern Technologies

We are well-versed in using the most current tools and strategies. In our opinion, it’s not only necessary, but fun to do.

We Put You First

A lot of marketing companies just want your dollars, but we believe that getting to know you is what drives the best marketing strategy. We make you our priority.

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Need help with your website, social media, or overall digital strategy? Not sure what to do next? We can answer your questions and provide customized tips and advice. We’ve gained knowledge and experience over our seven years of existence and we want to share it with you.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where we use keywords and tags that increase your website’s visibility in an online world where there are many websites competing for your audience’s attention. We offer SEO services that set your website apart and help your target audience find your website faster.

Email Marketing

The number one way to turn leads into investors is through regular newsletters. We develop and grow an email list of contacts who are eager to support you and stay in touch. We offer email newsletter strategies and development to help you grow your business or organization.

Social Media Management

Did you know that you can use your social media to not only reach your audience online, but get them to invest in your cause and what you’re producing? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and more – we offer hands-on social media coaching for anyone who is hungry for help, needs some direction with their social media, and wants to grow.

Web Design & Management

Whether your website just needs a few updates once a week, or you need one designed from scratch, we provide high-quality, user-friendly and mobile-responsive website designs customized to your specific needs.

Paid Search

Creatives, businesses and nonprofit organizations alike can benefit from Google’s SEO product called “AdWords,” as well as other paid ad options like Bing Ads or paid social media ads. We build a customized strategy that will increase your website’s visibility with search engines and social media sites alike.


BaMatooke Made

The relationship between Helps2 and BaMatooke Made, a social enterprise born out of Parents Empowering Children and Youth Uganda, started at the launch of BaMatooke’s business by their need of a logo to lead its brand. This process needed to be done quickly for this particular client, within three weeks.

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Musician. Agency owner.

A musician that has a passion for marketing, Gabriella Martay (Martay for short) has been helping businesses and artists grow since 2012. A California native, she travels the globe playing music that touches hearts and talking to creatives about how they can better reach people.




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First Contact

You get in touch with us via email, website form or phone. We respond and setup a time for a consultation.

Consultation & Strategy Planning

We meet with you in-person or video call to discuss your needs, vision and goals. Our team then gets to work with building an effective strategy to help you grow, as well as reach your final destination.
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Once we go over all of the details and settle on what strategy will work best, we then push go and set all necessary elements into place. Depending on the project, the timeline to achieving your goals can vary.

Check-in & Adjust

We’re not a creative team that sets things in motion and forgets about them, we are constantly checking in, reading stats & adjusting components as needed to reach your maximum growth for the vision you’ve set forth.

Cross the finish line

Unless you need us forever, we want to get you to a place where your project is done, your vision is completed and you can fly on your own. We call this “crossing the finish line”.




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