Evangel Home

Evangel Home

After maintaining their online presence and marketing for 2 years, the Executive Director of Evangel Home said to us, “Bringing in $60,000 at an annual fundraising event hardly happens without an online community that cares,” making a point to let us know that we helped make that happen.

How does a women’s crisis shelter sustain itself, requiring tens of thousands of dollars annually? Our answer is a consistent digital strategy that builds a sense of community. To do this we created a community-oriented website with an easy-access donation platform, managed daily their social media to foster a sense of community with supporters, produced monthly newsletters for donors, and assisted in acquiring grants.

 As a result of our efforts, Evangel Home has secured a $120,000 per year advertising grant from Google, increased 115% in Facebook engagement organically, as well as the aforementioned raising of $60,000 at a 2015 event and every year now after that. Their following on Twitter went organically from 33 to 1200+ and their newsletter has over 500+ subscribers. Their website has grown from 300 to 1000+ views per week. Evangel Home’s Director declares such wouldn’t have been possible without the consistent digital strategy led by the Helps2 team.

Helping to raise over $660,000 over 12 years

With over 12 years of a relationship, we’ve helped Evangel Home run numerous campaigns online and consistently advertise their annual banquet, which brings in anywhere from $50K – $60K every year.

Engaged Community

We were with Evangel Home from the beginning and started their social media channels for them. Now with over 500 organic newsletter subscribers and thousands of organic social media followers, their community online is ever-present, engaged, and growing.

Long history equals much experience together. Therefore, we’ve been honored to use a good majority of our team’s skillset when it comes to serving Evangel Home.

Here are the main skills we’ve used to this present date:

  • Social Media Management
  • Fundraising & Campaign Creation
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • Website Design & Maintenance

Some fun stats to take with you:

  • 12 Years of Work
  • 5 Specialists Used
  • > $660K raised
  • ~ 640 Zoom (and Skype at one point) Meetings
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