Dorothy’s Place
Aerial picture of Dorothy's Place, our previous client, a homeless resource center in Salinas, California.
Picture of ceiling tiles at Dorothy's Place, our previous client, a homeless resource center in Salinas, California.
Picture of the ceiling tiles at Dorothy's Place, our previous client, a homeless resource center in Salinas, California.

Dorothy’s Place

We designed a marketing strategy that raised $70,000 in 3 months for Dorothy’s Place

Since its founding back in 1982, Dorothy’s Place has always had a huge heart, but its place in the World Wide Web… not so huge. This homeless ministry is not only a source of primary needs for those traumatized by the lack of housing and nourishment available, but is also a source of hospitality, safety, guidance, good health, and happiness to an entire community of people – and starting in 2017 we at Helps2 began working to bring that community a place online.

We began by creating for Dorothy’s Place a new website with an infrastructure oriented at collecting recurring donations digitally, then by expanding the reach of their social media presence with inspiration-oriented updates and biweekly videos. From their original logo, we have expanded their brand identity, online as well as through traditional newsletters, and more recently we have given them a bigger voice via their own YouTube channel.

Within the first two months of working together, $18,000 was raised from online donations; their Facebook page currently boasts over 2,000 followers. We ended our relationship with them after running a 3-month campaign raising over $70,000 in donations. It’s a beautiful feeling when you can truly let your clients fly! We look forward to seeing how much bigger this digital heart can grow as they continue to pioneer with the strategy we built for them!

Here’s a look at our favorite campaign with Dorothy’s Place:

The Famous “Dorothy’s Place Challenge” (as we like to call it here at Helps2)”

With 3 months to raise money and not much time to prepare, the Helps2 team drew up a fundraising strategy. This included biweekly video releases, social media advertising, and weekly newsletters. At the end of the campaign, we raised over $70,000 in donations.

Our solution: create a new website and increase donor giving

We redesigned & modernized their website, which now would include recurring donation technology. This took Dorothy’s Place from not receiving any donations online to receiving over $500 in recurring donations every month (within a 5-month period).

With all hands on deck, we partnered with Dorothy’s Place and brought their marketing presence up to modern-day standards… both online and offline.

Our campaign included the following services:

  • Fundraising & Campaign Design – this includes creating a campaign strategy and branding the campaign from the ground up
  • Design – we designed their website, newsletters, and online graphics for distribution
  • Social Media Marketing – not only did we manage their social media, but we also ran social media ads on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that generated donations for the organization
  • Videography – we filmed a campaign video, plus many others to use on social media

Our relationship with Dorothy’s Place was an incredible one. It included:

  • 2 years of work
  • 4 Helps2 team members 
  • $88,000 raised
  • 32 films created

Wanting to run a similar campaign to the one that we did for Dorothy’s Place? Wanting to see similar results? Get in touch with us and let us build an effective marketing strategy for you. 

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