Rebel Girl Clothing
Photo of Rebel Girl store front, a Helps2 client.
Rebel Girl Graphic made by the Helps2 team.
Rebel Girl Meeting with the Helps2 team.
Photo of Rebel Girl store front, a Helps2 client.

Rebel Girl Clothing

The Story

What do you do when you have a boat-load of inventory to sell but people aren’t busting down your door to buy from you? Rebel Girl®, a women’s clothing line geared toward motorcycle culture, was desperate for a solution to such a plight when they found Helps2 in 2015.

They agreed to see what could be achieved in only one month, a great challenge of strategy for us. In that short time, we hosted a photo shoot, revamped their website to make it more conducive to purchasing, and took control of their social media presence.

In only three weeks, product engagement on Facebook increased by 131% a week organically (no paid advertising) and the company went from losing money to making a significant profit via sales. 

Photo of Rebel Girl Ad created by Helps2

Following our original plan, we showed Rebel Girl® how to implement an effective strategy and then released them to fly on their own; to our excitement, our partnership has pushed their brand and business to huge success! 

Here’s a recap and how we did it:

Profitability in 3 weeks

We took a trip to Los Angeles where we met with the owner of Rebel Girl and her team. We implemented an advertising strategy ASAP and began seeing a profit within 3 weeks.

Modernized Inventory Catalogue

When we met Rebel Girl, their inventory was not presented in a way that would appeal to their target audience. We sent down 2 photographers to LA to get the job done and the rest was history!

Redesigned website

The clothing industry calls for high-standard, easy-to-use websites and that’s exactly what we built for Rebel Girl.

Logo for Helps2

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