Wonder Math

Wonder Math: An Online Learning Platform

Wonder Math is an online math learning program designed to help second through fifth graders develop their math skills and enjoyment through active learning and a story-based curriculum, set in small, interactive online classes.

Given the competitive nature of the math tutoring industry, one of Wonder Math’s primary goals was to improve their search rankings and increase their visibility online, leading to more monthly users on the Wonder Math website. Our SEO strategy delivered on these goals.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy Drives Online Visibility Against Competitors

Wonder Math SEO Overall Growth

Helps2’s SEO strategy included securing 42 press backlinks, and resulted in a +1,391 overall increase in Google Search Rankings and a 35,000% increase in users to the website.

Before Wonder Math started with Helps2, they were not ranking in the top 100 for important industry keywords, such as “summer math tutor” and “fear of math.” Helps2 led Wonder Math’s SEO strategy, including managing a blog content calendar and backlink campaigns. On a bi-weekly basis, Helps2 published high quality, engaging and topical blog posts optimized for strategic keywords. In parallel, Helps2 secured 42 published press opportunities from leading websites to drive traffic to the Wonder Math homepage and boost its search rankings. One such backlink came from msn.com, which boasts 29 million monthly visitors.

These SEO tactics resulted in Wonder Math moving up the rankings to the top 10 for an extensive roster of significant keywords. Wonder Math even become a top search result for searches related to its competitors’ offerings. The backlinks also contributed to direct traffic to the Wonder Math website, which was the second biggest driver of trial starts.

Overall, Wonder Math saw a +1,391 increase in Google Search Rankings and a 35,000% increase in users on the website.

Wonder Math - Biggest movement among keywords we worked to optimize and rank for

Helps2’s SEO tactics led to significant upward movement for important industry keywords, from unranked, to top 10.

Email Marketing Results in Trial Starts and Brand Trust

Wonder Math deals created by traffic source over time

Email marketing, including the Wonder Math newsletter and automation funnels, became the number one source of trial starts.

Helps2 developed Wonder Math’s email marketing strategy, including creating and managing a bi-weekly email newsletter, featuring highly engaging and topical content that established Wonder Math as a thought leader in education insights and garnered above average open and read rates. Email marketing, including the newsletter and automation funnels, became the number one driver of trial starts over the course of the Helps2 partnership.

Marketing Funnel Creation Streamlines Sales and Leads to Boost in Conversions

Helps2 developed marketing funnels and a lead scoring system to generate and nurture new leads. This included creating a “learning style assessment” quiz lead magnet, which had a 15% conversion rate.

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