How to Publish a Book: Here’s the Resource List You Need

If you haven’t already heard, we published our very own book this year at Helps2.

We had no idea what a process it would be when the first seedling of an idea to write a book came to mind… But four years and lots of hours of labor later, and We Don’t Need Another Marketing Book is finally available both as an ebook, and as a paperback book.

Here’s what it took to get to that point:

  • 2 authors
  • 2 illustrators
  • 2 editors
  • 2 publishing companies
  • 1 cover designer
  • 1 book formatter
  • Lots of patience, persistence, and hard work

So the biggest takeaway that we’d like to share is that it’s okay for your dreams to take time. And if you dream of publishing your own book as we did, we shared even more of the process and the resources we used on the most recent episode of our podcast, The Creatives’ Conversation. You can watch it now by clicking here or watching the video above.

Wishing you the best as you publish your book! 


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